Next to last installment of the “best of 2014” series. I wanted to say thank you to all of the couples and vendors we had an opportunity to work with in 2014. I took something away from each wedding this year and for that I will be forever grateful. Wishing you all many years of happiness and good fortune.

Cindy and Hector – Artesia, Ca
Best OC Wedding Photographer Weddings 2014 Images

David and Elizabeth – Artesia, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0003 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0004

Eddie and Tricia – Artesia, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0005 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0006

David and Jennifer – Modesto, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0007 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0008

Glenda and John – Old Santa Ana CourthouseBest OC Wedding Photographer_0009 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0010

Damien and Ann – The Holding Company, Los AngelesBest OC Wedding Photographer_0011 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0012

Jenn and Joe – Sterling Hills Golf Club, Camarillo, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0013 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0014

Marvin and Verneece – Downtown Los AngelesBest OC Wedding Photographer_0015 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0016

Matt and Lisa – Union Station, Los AngelesBest OC Wedding Photographer_0017 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0018

Rose and Jai- Oviatt Penthouse, Los Angeles

Best OC Wedding Photographer_0019

Shireen and Kayvon – Hotel Maya, Long Beach, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0020

Best OC Wedding Photographer_0021

Vanessa and Will – California Country Club

Best OC Wedding Photographer_0022

Patrick and Holly – Laguna Beach, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0023 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0024

Janelle and Alexis – Santa Fe Springs, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0025 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0026

Crandell and Katie – Ponte Winery, Temcula, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0027 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0028

Justin and Kim – San Clemente Golf Club, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0029 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0030

Kristin and Chad – Trabuco Canyon Country Club, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0031 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0032

Kevin and Krystal – Artesia, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0033 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0034

Matt and Linsey – The North Chapel, San Diego, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0035 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0036

Marty and Brenda – Stockton, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0037 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0038

Michael and Anelise – Artesia, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0039 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0040

Nancy and Marco – Wayfarers Chapel, Palos Verdes, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0041 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0042

Nick and Jessica – Artesia, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0043 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0044

Nisha and Ronnie – Rancho Los Lomas, Trabuco Canyon, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0045 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0046

Sean and Brianna – Dove Canyon Country Club, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0047 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0048

Sean and Melissa – Artesia, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0049 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0050

Sonia and Manuel – Chaffey University, Chino, Ca

Best OC Wedding Photographer_0051

Tony and Lauryn – Eagle Glenn Country Club, Corona, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0052 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0053

Van and Joseph – Newport Beach, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0054 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0055

Danielle and Justin – Long Shadow Winery, Temecula, CaBest OC Wedding Photographer_0056 Best OC Wedding Photographer_0057

Thank you to all of my amazing couples for an unforgettable 2014.

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