When Stephani contacted me about their Lake Tahoe Wedding next year, she mentioned that she had a surprise planned for Garrett and she wanted me to help her execute the surprise. Naturally I asked what the surprise was and I was blown away when she told me she wanted to present him with the Harley Davidson Motorcycle he has been wanting for several years. My first thought was “how the heck are we going to hide a motorcycle” but after some careful planning, coordination and help from Garrett’s cousins, Joey and Karen, we were able to deliver an unforgettable engagement experience for these two. Be sure to check out the video at the end of the blog post that catches his live reaction to seeing the bike for the first time.

Special thanks to Joey and Karen Santos for the help and to my lovely assistant Courtney for keeping Garrett distracted at the right time.

The first shots were set up like we were beginning the “real engagement session.” I will say he was a little suspicious why she wanted to do white t-shirsts but he just went along with it. I started them off with some basic portraits like I do every session to make him think this was all normal.

Surprise Engagement In A Field

That smile on her face says “You have no idea what’s about to happen!!”
San Juan Capistrano Engagement

Soon after this last photo, I told Garrett I was going to walk around a group of trees to see how the light was on the other side. As I walked half way around, I called back to Stephani and asked her to “come see if this matches what you had on your Pinterest page.” Right then Courtney started asking Garrett questions about how the wedding planning was coming and he remained pretty distracted. Stephani ran around the corner and set up. I called back to Garret and told him I really liked how the scene looked and we were going to move the session over here so he began to walk over and kept talking with Courtney. I will let the pictures and video tell the rest. The look on his face is priceless….

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Caspers Regional Park Engagment Portrait

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