The sweet smiles shared between a new husband and wife, the laughter of all the bridesmaids as they are getting hair and makeup done, the embraces shared as two families are joined as one, the emotional father-daughter dance and the crazy dance parties at the end of the night. These moments are what makes Wedding Photography one of the greatest jobs in the world. Documenting all these once in a lifetime memories with a creative and compelling style is what we do.

As wedding storytellers, we aim to artfully record and present the authentic story of your day allowing you to truly experience the magic of your wedding day. We do that by capturing candid moments as they happen, without directing or intervening and when the time is right, we will also take a more active role in offering direction, enhancing the aesthetic of the image by posing you in flattering, natural ways that don’t look or feel posed and contrived.

The inconspicuous approach to the candid photographs help us capture the magic of your day, revealing the true  character of yourselves, your guests and the experience. For those less candid images,  we are constantly in search of and dreaming up unique and creative perspectives, often going to great lengths in pursuit of an epic shot.

Wedding photography often presents many unique factors such as difficult lighting conditions, location restrictions or severe time constraints that can make wedding photography challenging. However,  wedding photography is also one of the only genres that photographers can combine elements from a variety of genres such as Commercial, Fashion,  Landscape or Architectural and Portrait photography into one single day to overcome those challenges and create beautiful images that can range from very natural to very dramatic.

This combination of elements is something you see in every engagement session and wedding we document.  We love these challenges and thrive on creating unique images with every possible situation we are put it. Here are a few samples of the different styles you will see throughout or work.

Natural Style

Dramatic/Commercial Style


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