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Couples spends months and months planning and executing, designing, and finally decorating to ensure their guests have a unique and fun experience at their wedding. From picking a venue, down to the color of the menu, each detail is carefully considered. Its our goal to look for
This last year was an incredible, overwhelming year for me as I was busier than ever before. One thing I learned about myself is that one of my favorite parts of the wedding day to photograph is the bride prep moments. Those few hours before the wedding where the bride is with he
So I'm a blogging failure... which is more evident now that baby has arrived and Im just now posting this amazing maternity session. Alayna was born to this amazing family just a few short days ago and its been fun to have had the opportunity to watch  and document how this fami
This post comes a little late as I just recently heard news that Sandy and Scott have welcomed their new baby boy home recently. Incredibly honored that Sandy, who is a photographer herself,  asked me to do create the images for her maternity session. Its always a bit nerving whe
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