Rose and Jai’s love story started a few years ago. Rose, who was living in Los Angeles, was a frequent international traveler as a result of her work. While accruing her many frequent flyer miles, she met Jai, who was originally from the Bay Area.  Although she still traveled often for work, Rose knew she had found her home in Jai.  A few months ago they were married near the Bay Area where Jai and most of his family was from and also decided to have an additional wedding reception for their Los Angles friends and family at the Oviatt Penthouse and we were fortunate enough to be invited to document the party for them.

Although it was December, the California winter air felt more like a  summer night; A perfect atmosphere for their rooftop wedding in downtown LA. Being from two different cultures, Rose and Jai had the challenge of blending the Sikh and Chinese cultures into their Bay Area wedding and then again for their downtown Los Angeles rooftop wedding reception along with Lilly from SYL design studio who helped them bring everything together. There were many fun moments at this event but one of my favorites photographing Rose’s Cheongsam, which is the traditional red Chinese dress, against the LA skyline and then having Rose and Jai step in front of the skyline for some portraits as well.

Congratulations to Rose and Jai. Here are just of few favorites from their wedding reception

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