Laguna Canyon Engagement Photos

The first time I met Ana and Jermaine, they had just come directly from the beach.  I figured they were tried and true California natives enjoying some of the best of what California has to offer.  After a few minutes of speaking with Ana, I began to pick up just a slight little “Eh” after she finished a few sentences. I immediately got curious as I do with every couple,  and started investigating. Turn’s out Ana left the cold winters of Canada a few years prior for the warmth and sunshine of California. And that’s when she met Jermaine. The rest is history and they are both here to stay.

Since they both loved the beach, as I learned during our first meeting, they new they wanted to have some of their engagement photos in Laguna Beach. On our way there we stopped along Laguna Canyon wilderness area for some Laguna Canyon Engagement Photos and started with some really fun games to get things started. As the sun began to set we headed down to the beach in hopes to catch some gorgeous colors in the sky.  Much to our surprise, we ended up getting one of the most vibrant and incredible sunsets I have ever photographed during an engagement session. After the usually blue’s and yellows, the sky lit up into a firey red and orange. It was pretty magical to watch the sky change colors so naturally. We almost had to remind ourselves to that we needed to keep shooting and not sit and stare at the beautiful colors.



Happy couple getting engaged at Laguna Canyon Young couple in hilarious gaze at Laguna Canyon


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