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When planning out the session, Grace mentioned that she definitely wanted Laguna Beach engagement photos.  Grace and Todd are getting married later this year at Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach. Shooting the wedding at Seven Degrees is an really exciting milestone for 2017.  It has a very modern Art-Deco vibe which is going to make for some really unique wedding photos.

So the thing about Beach Engagement photos are that the based made plans can sometimes backfire. As always, I checked the tide schedule to make sure things were going to be safe. Everything looked good. So we met at a little secret spot I know about along the Sand Canyon Highway before heading down to the water.  They sky looked fantastic and it appeared to be an amazing day to shoot at the beach. First we walked around the sand for a bit and then we walked down to the cliffs. These cliffs usually produce some really cool engagement photos.  The water was calm and the sun waist the perfect location.

I set Grace and Todd up for starting shooting a few photos and was getting some great results. All of sudden, out of no where, came this gnarly, gigantic wave that was unlike anything else occurring in the swell at that time. The wave crashed into the cliff and came over Grace and Todd. They were soaked and I felt horrible!! It was unbelievable. Of course I rushed down to check on them and make sure they were ok. Todd turned to me that the first thing he said was, “I hope you got a shot of that! After the initial shock of what just happened settled in, we all laughed a little bit. I thought the session was going to be over. But Todd and Grace completely surprised me!

Without even thinking about it, they laughed it off and wanted to keep shooting.  In addition, Todd applied more water onto his shirt to make sure the entire thing was evenly soaked. All things considered, their positive attitude made a a pretty disastrous situation turn into an incredible experience. We shot a few more on the rocks and embraced the water and elements. Afterwards we wrapped things up at the beach, Grace and Todd went home to clean up and change before we finished our session that night at the Segerstrom Center. I am certain that this will be the most memorable set of Laguna Beach Engagement Photos I have created.

Grace and Todd, Thank you for being such an incredible couple to work with and for you kind and positive attitudes. I am extremely excited to be a part of your wedding day.

Starting with shot the Epic Wave crashing over them. Enjoy the rest of the session.

wave hits couple during Laguna Beach Engagement Photos photo of couple walking in laguna beach photo of couple walking in laguna beach photo of couple walking in the water in laguna beach during laguna beach engagement photos photo of couple walking during laguna beach Engagement Photos photo of couple on the beach during Laguna Beach engagement photos couple dancing on the beach during Laguna Beach Engagement Photos sunset during Laguna Beach Engagement Photos Laguna Beach Engagement Photos with sunset Laguna Beach Engagement Photos                                                 Right before the freak wave came and over the cliffsBreathtaking sunset during Laguna Beach Engagement Photos Segerstrom Center Engagement Photo Segerstrom Center Engagement Photos Segerstrom Center Engagement Photos Engagement Photos of couple during Segerstrom Center for the Arts Engagement session




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