We have made the image selection process for your wedding album really simply. Follow the steps below to submit your images to us online. Once we receive, your images we will start working on your album design. You will be notified once the designs are ready for you to approve.

For best results, we highly highly recommend doing this process from you desktop or laptop. Please do not attempt to do this process on your phone.

*We suggest to read through all the instructions one time first before starting your selection process.* 


Step 1: Visit your collection and select your images

  1. Please refer back to the link we sent you with the gallery and image download instructions. If you don’t have the link handy, you can find your collection and galleries here.
  2.  As you go through the galleries and hover over your images, gray icons will overlay on the image.  To select that image for your album, click on the heart icon over that image.

how to select wedding album images


3. After you have selected your first image, the box seen below will appear on your screen. Please enter your email address to register those images under your name. After adding your email address, you will be returned to selecting your images.

The email address is only used to create a database to store your selections. You can also use this database to share your favorite images with family and friends. 

create a database for wedding album photos


Step 2: Keep track of your total number of images

  1. In the top right corner of the screen, you will notice an image counter. This will help you keep track of the total number of images you have selected.
  2. In general, we are able to place between 40-60 images in the album design. The more images we place, the busier the pages will look. If you have more than 60 “must have” images, we will recommend adding more pages to album. This allows us to maintain the aesthetic and flow to the your story.

track the number of images in your wedding album



Step 3: Submit Your Images.

1. After all your selections have been made, click on the heart icon on the top right of the web page that has the total number of photos.

2. Click on the “send favorites” box and scroll down to “alert photographer”.  This will notify me of your album selections.

how to submit your images for your wedding album


  1.  After you click on the icon above, this box will populate. Please be sure to fill in the boxes and any additional information you may need or want to add.
  2.  After you have completed the form, just hit the send button to complete the process.

how to submit your images for your wedding album


In the event you are unable to complete the selection process in a single sitting, these images will be saved in the database assigned to your email address. You can always come back and change your selections (add or remove images), send them to family and friends, or re-submit to us if necessary.

This database will save your work for you!!


Additionally, you will have some options on cover material and color for the outside of your wedding album. You can also add an image on the cover as well as name imprinting if you would like to. To view some of the color and design options for the outside of the book, visit our album cover page here.

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