Since this is one of the first things brides normally do on the day of the wedding, I thought it would be fitting to start with this topic for the wedding guide:

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How Important is Bridal Hair & Make-Up?

Many future brides may ask themselves if it is “worth it” to hire a professional to come in and do their make-up and hair for their wedding. Some brides entertain the idea of DIY hair/makeup. They may think “I can save money if I just do it myself?”  So let me – have you ever seen those pictures or images of models or celebrities on TMZ or those paparazzi magazines when these celebs out at lunch or walking around on a regular day? Chances are, they probably didn’t meet with their professional make-up artist that day, and we as the viewer, notice a significant difference in how these people look with out all the professional make-up tricks that are used.  Now, compare that to when you see the same individual all dolled-up for a movie, television interview, or walk down the red carpet. Do you think they DIY’d it for that spectacular of an event? Definitely not.

There is a significant transformation that takes place when a professional is hired to accentuate the brides great features.   I’ve had the opportunity to work along side many hair/make-up artists and their brides over the last 3 years and I can honestly tell you it makes a HUGE difference to hire a professional.  I’m sure every photographer I know will attest to that.

Every aspect of your wedding day has been meticulously chosen and planned to perfection. That same attention to detail will be evident when by allowing professional hair and makeup artists to tend to your needs on your big day.  You’re allowing yourself to look and feel like the models and movie stars on the biggest day of your life and have all of this captured in photographs that will be with you forever.

Here are a few, of the many reasons, why hiring a professional hair stylist and make-up artist for your wedding has its advantages:


Professional makeup is important because it allows you peace of mind.  A professional makeup artist has the knowledge and training to design a custom camera-ready look which is essential and completely different than applying everyday makeup. A makeup artist knows how to bring out your best features.  Highlighting and contouring in the wrong places can accentuate the wrong things, while highlighting and contouring in the right places will make you look your best. Professional make-up artists use a higher quality of make-up that gives flawless, time-tested results. The formulation their make-up is higher quality, so that when you are being photographed, it will accentuate, enhance, brighten, and enlighten your best features, but in a subtle, natural way. Having an educated make-up artist use their tools and knowledge to apply the make-up evenly, and properly will give you undeniable results.

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A hairstylist will make your hairstyle look good from EVERY angle the camera captures.  It’s easy to do your own hair and make it look good from the front or the back, but there is no telling what angles the photographer will capture.  A professional will know how to make your hairstyle look balanced, full and flattering from the front, back, sides, top, whatever angle the camera captures.

When consulting for bridal hair, there is a broad spectrum of items that come into play. For example;

  • The Neckline of your wedding gown
  • How the Accessories (Earrings, Necklace) complement the hair
  • Veils and Hair Pins, Headbands
  • Comfort

A hairstylist and makeup artist uses the right products and techniques to make your hair and makeup last ALL day.  It’s one thing to look great when you leave your house that morning, it’s another thing to still look great when you make your grand exit that night.  Professional makeup, hair tools and experience will all help you to look picture perfect all day long.

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 I always encourage my brides to work with these professional artists because it also leaves the guarantee that it will last, and you will see that when you look back at your wedding photographs.  Their experience and knowledge is a key factor, and your artist will be able to guide you into the proper do’s and don’ts, and what would work best for you. Additionally, most professionals will travel on-location to your venue, so that it saves the bride both the stress & headache (as well as other vendors who may be waiting on hair & make up to be completed) — that way you are on time, all day, in the comfort of your bridal suite. Additionally, I encourage all my brides to research all the different potential artists out there. FInd the right style and right fit for you. Meet with them and do trials to see which ones give you the look that you love for yourself.

Generally, hair and makeup artists are the first vendors you meet with on the morning of the wedding, so having a good, confident and professional ones can help set the tone for the rest of the day.


But since I’m the one with the camera and not the blow-dryer or make-up brush, I wanted you to hear it from some of the professionals that actually do what I just wrote about so that’s why I invited Evelyn Lui of Serene Bridal Beauty to give some input and write a small article for you guys. Check out her perspective on what she has to say. Then go check out her portfolio


Thanks to Evelyn for the Article

“Company: Serene Bridal Beauty

What best describes Serene Bridal Beauty:

         Soft, Natural, Organic

What inspires me:

          Makeup and Hair styling involves being creative.  Creativity inspires me to want to do more.  My Clients also inspire me when I see how a transformation impacts them so much on their big day. 

What I love about weddings:

         I love the happiness that shows through on the brides face when they see their hair and makeup transformed and are so thankful for it. It gives me warm feeling and an accomplishment. 

What are the most important factors couples should consider when choosing a hair and makeup artist?

         Your wedding is one of the most important time in your life.  Its a big deal! When choosing your stylist, make sure you are looking for a stylist that is experienced with wedding services or in the Wedding business. Not only should your stylist understand wedding makeup and          hair, but timing as well.  Weddings are much different compared to walking into a salon to have your hair and makeup done for a special occasion.  Your stylist should understand timing, being on time and completing services on time is a major factor. The last thing we want to do is stress the bride out. Your stylist should also be able to take charge, understand how to help make the preparation time run smoothly for the bride, and most of all… taking care of the bride. 

 What sets you apart from others in your field?

         During our first meet with our clients(Bridal Preview), our goal is to really try understanding what the bride is asking for and also build a connection with our brides. We build such a great relationship with our brides that we’ve watched many grow from their engagement shoot services to their wedding day services to even their baby showers.

 What advice do you have for newly engaged couples?

         This is your big day and once in a lifetime.  It’s a special day and choosing your stylist is pretty important.  Make sure you do your research when hiring your stylist. Recommendations from your photographer or coordinator may be more helpful. Your stylist should know how important timing is and should understand every little thing that may occur on your big day and be prepared for it.  The last thing you want is STRESS on your big day from running behind schedule.”


To see Evelyn’s work or to contact her for more information, visit or connect with her on her facebook page by clicking here


Evelyn in action…

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