How important is the engagement session:

With so many new and recent engagements, many couples will soon start the planning for their future wedding. Along with choosing all their favorite vendors and styles to make their wedding unique and memorable, they will also be faced with making a decision on a budget. As the restraints of this budget seem tighter and tighter, many couples may consider a variety options to find savings.

Occasionally, one of these options may be to forego an engagement session. Although, I understand why couples may think this is ok, I’d like to take a moment to help you understand why it may have adverse affects on your wedding day.

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Engagement Sessions are like going on a date

You can think of an engagement session to be like going on a date with your photographer. Before the engagement session you spent time flirting around with others until someone caught your attention and made you want to stay a little longer.  So you need to go on a date with the photographer to make sure they are “the one.”  As you go out with this photographer for the engagement session, you get to know each other. Can they make you laugh? Will they make you feel comfortable? How will handle you and themselves in stressful situations? Will they know all the right things to say to make me feel beautiful (in front of the camera of course)? Just like dating

The engagement session ends, and at the end of night you go your separate ways and then you wait… wait around for the very next email, phone call or text message. The anticipation is gut wrenching… who’s going to call first and talk about how the pictures turned out? Is there a rule on how long you should wait to call a photographer? Are they not calling because the pictures didn’t turn out? Are they hanging out with someone else (shooting pictures of course)… why haven’t they called yet…. Sounds all too familiar.

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 Finally you get the call or email. You see the pictures are they are amazing. You had nothing to worry about and you make a decision about the photographer. You swoon and say “Their the one”. They really get us and captured our personalities perfectly. It was love at first click. Our Wedding (photos) are going to be amazing because this photographer knows what makes us work.

Why I want to shoot engagement sessions for all my couples

Ok so maybe it’s not always as intense as dating, but having your engagement session taken by the same photographer who is photographing your wedding day does have some big benefits. Here are my thoughts on why this is so important:


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 An engagement session, commonly called an e-session, is our chance to meet and work together before your wedding day. It gives you the chance to practice your moves in front of the camera! Think of your engagement session as a trial run for the big day. Most of my couples always say how nervous they are, they don’t do well in front of the camera, they take horrible pictures, can’t model (these last few come from the guys mostly). An engagement session is a non-pressure environment where we can work through all of this. You can be yourselves and have a little fun and let me figure out your “good sides” or how to get you guys to hold each comfortably in front of the camera. Or what I can do to make you laugh because a good laugh is always a great way to relieve anxiety and be relaxed. Again, the more comfortable you are, the more genuine the photos will be.

The wedding days is going to be a whirlwind of emotions and things are going to happen so fast that you may not even have a chance to take a deep breath. We really won’t have much time to spare to trial many different poses or a position to figure which one is best. Wedding day jitters will be evident. But with an engagement session together, poses and directions from me feel 100x more natural because we have already done and worked through them together and Ill know what you like or don’t like. You’ll have much more confidence in me and in yourself and that confidence will show through and elevate your wedding photos from average to amazing.

If nothing else….

Engagement sessions are a lot of fun. Generally, I don’t have a time limit for engagement sessions because I want us to get as creative as possible and try different things. Different lighting, different backgrounds, different wardrobes and different ideas. We wont have this much time on the wedding day so lets go all out, laugh until our belly’s hurt and get creative. Let’s just have fun.

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 Trusting your photographer, and all your vendors, is SO IMPORTANT. After all, your photographer has the sole responsibility of capturing every moment of the most important day of your lives. As your wedding photographer, it is my JOB to make sure you enjoy your day… not get caught up in what is or isn’t documented. My goal is to earn your trust during and after the engagement session that way on wedding day you know your most priceless of moments are being documented at every moment and you can sit back and enjoy.

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